Totaalcholesterol, een bloedonderzoek geeft aan hoe hoog het cholesterolgehalte is in millimol per liter bloed (mmol/l). Het cholesterolgehalte in het bloed kan nogal schommelen. Daarom is het raadzaam het cholesterolgehalte meerdere keren te onderzoeken. Bij een verhoogd cholesterolgehalte moet er namelijk sprake zijn van een constante verhoging. Een overzicht van mogelijke uitslagen van het bloedonderzoek: Totaal cholesterolgehalte in mmol/l. Conclusie lager dan 5,0 normaal tussen 5,0 en 6,4 licht verhoogd tussen 6,5 en 7,9 verhoogd hoger dan 8,0 sterk verhoogd, cholesterolratio en hart en vaatziekten, de verhouding tussen ldl en hdl noemen we de cholesterolratio. Een scheve verhouding met te veel ldl vormt een belangrijk risico voor hart- en vaatziekten.

ldl waarde cholesterol de cholesterolratio. Voor beide geldt: hoe hoger de waarde, hoe hoger het risico op (sterfte aan) een hartziekte. De cholesterolratio is de beste voorspeller voor het krijgen van hart- en vaatziekten. Hieronder vertellen we meer over totaalcholesterol, de cholesterolratio, de oorzaken van een te hoog cholesterol en welke producten het ldl-cholesterol verhogen en verlagen.

Maar deze verbindingen kunnen zich ook vastzetten in de binnenwand van bloedvaten. Een teveel aan ldl blijft plakken aan beschadigingen van de vaatwanden. Deze beschadigingen kunnen het gevolg zijn van roken, verhoogde bloeddruk of ouderdom. De bloedvaten slibben daardoor langzaam dicht en het bloed kan er steeds moeilijker doorheen stromen. Dit staat bekend als slagaderverkalking (arteriosclerose). Op deze manier draagt ldl bij aan het ontstaan van hart- en vaatziekten. De verbinding van ldl en cholesterol noemen we ldl-cholesterol. Hdl neemt cholesterol uit het bloed weg en voert het af naar de lever, waar het wordt afgebroken. Vervolgens pijn verlaten deze afbraakproducten het lichaam via gal en de ontlasting. Door het afvoeren van cholesterol beschermt hdl het lichaam tegen hart- en vaatziekten.

ldl waarde cholesterol

Te hoog, cholesterol — oorzaken, gevolgen en risicofactoren

Omschrijving, cholesterol is een vetachtige stof die het menselijk sterk lichaam nodig heeft als bouwsteen voor lichaamscellen en hormonen. Het meeste cholesterol wordt aangemaakt in de lever. Een klein gedeelte komt in het lichaam via voeding. Ldl- en hdl-cholesterol, het bloed vervoert cholesterol door het aan eiwitten te binden. Deze verbindingen heten lipoproteïnen. Er zijn verschillende soorten lipoproteïnen: hdl (Hoge dichtheid Lipoproteïne) en ldl (Lage dichtheid Lipoproteïne ldl vervoert cholesterol van de lever naar de rest van het lichaam. Een beetje ldl is nodig om bijvoorbeeld beschadigingen in weefsels te herstellen.

Ldl (Bad cholesterol, ratio, levels, Chart

If I do not give him the drug, i may upset the school, and its such a good school. I had him on the drug, but he becomes like a robot or a drone but the teacher is happy now. The teacher is in favour of other alternatives but I have tried every thing, nothing works, the drug is the only option out. The doctor says there is no side effects to using Ritalin (schedule 6 drug Strattera (schedule 5 drug) or Concerta  (schedule 6 drug). Well, that means your doctor does not read, if you would like to be more informed on the effects of these and other drugs, then you may click below: Ritalin Methylphenidate, step # 1, accept responsibility, it is and will always be your responsibility. Make sure you come under that weight, and carry it you are made for it and you are the only one that has your childs best interest at heart. Any body else, wants a quick way out, or wants to make money out of you and claim the glory.

ldl waarde cholesterol

If adhd is not a medical entity, kinderen then why is Ritalin so heavily prescribed? Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvanias Centre for bioethics, writes, Theres either a strange plague of hyperactivity in the. S., or weve got a lot of folks prescribing Ritalin as a psychopharmocological nanny. Breggin hits the nail on the head: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (adhd) has one over-riding purpose—to put a medical veneer on the use of medication to control the behavior of children. Drug companies and Ritalin.

It should vrouwen alert any parents attention that, with virtually no understanding of the long-term effects of stimulant drugs such as Ritalin, these drugs were heavily advertised by the drug companies for the treatment of problem children. There are enormous sums of money involved in the development and marketing of prescription drugs. Leon Eisenberg, a professor of psychiatry and social medicine at Harvard Medical School, says that the sale of Ritalin and other stimulant drugs for children are driven by the convenience of the doctor, the profitability of the drug company, and the notion that there. Read the whole original article here, with all this said, what should a parent do? Many people come to me in desperation, usually wit words like: The teacher says that if I do not put him on Ritalin, he is not welcome in the boring class.

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Breggin that there is no evidence bachbloesem that adhd is a valid clinical entity associated with physical dysfunction of beste the brain. How does a child become diagnosed as adhd? What are the criteria for such a diagnosis? This is a shocker. According to the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition (dsm-iv considered the bible of psychiatric diagnosis, the entire criteria for making a diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder is the following: A pattern of negativistic, hostile, and defiant behaviour lasting at least. No physical cause is described but only behavioural conflict and anger. Dr. Breggin notes that the above diagnosis is merely eight ways to say a child is angry.

ldl waarde cholesterol

Hdl (Good ldl (Bad cholesterol and Triglycerides

No physical tests can be done to verify that a child has adhd. Gerald Golden, a professor of verwijderen paediatrics and neurology, put it bluntly: Attempts to define a biological basis for adhd have been consistently unsuccessful. The neuroanatomy of the brain, as demonstrated by neuroimaging studies, is normal. No neuropatholical substrate has been demonstrated. In a scientific review, diane McGuinness called Attention Deficit Disorder the emperors new clothes. In The hyperactive child and Stimulant Drugs, roger Freeman labelled the state of the art and practice in the field surrounding adhd a mess. He went on to note that this area is characterized by rarely challenged myths, ill-defined boundaries, and a strangely seductive attractiveness. With facts such as these, many people have concluded with.

Adhd and Ritalin, attention-Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (adhd) is the disorder that supposedly accounts for so many children having trouble in school and posing disciplinary problems to adults. Ritalin is promoted as the cure for this condition, on the basis that adhd is a biochemical imbalance in the brain that is fixed by the magic bullet of Ritalin. But is adhd a real physical disease? Can it be scientifically identified? Peter Breggin and many, many scientists, adhd cannot be physically identified: There is no physical test that can detect the supposed rusland existence of adhd. There are no specific physical symptoms associated with. The adhd diagnosis is made by comparing the childs behaviors with a description of the disorder as defined and accepted by experts and practitioners in the field. Breggin also writes: There are no objective diagnostic criteria for adhd—no physical symptoms, no neurological signs, and no blood tests. Despite claims to the contrary, there are no brain scan findings and no biochemical imbalances.

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By christo lues,. Peter Breggin, one of the foremost experts on the dangers of prescription drugs, writes: In the 1970s, there was a public uproar, outraged books, and congressional hearings about one hundred thousand children being prescribed Ritalin. Now hardly anyone remembers that controversy. Instead, millions of children are taking stimulant drugs with hardly any outcry at all. Estimates vary widely, but the total number of children on Ritalin has been estimated between 6 and 8 million children or more in 2000. The United States accounts for 90 of the worlds consumption of Ritalin, which prompted the International Narcotics Control board to issue a warning in February of 1995 which deplored the fact that 10-12 percent of all boys between the ages of 6 and. The board raised concerns about doctors seeking easy solutions to behavioural problems which may have complex causes. It also drew nederland attention to the promotional practices that were leading to the over prescription of Ritalin in our country.

Ldl waarde cholesterol
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