Genele.2 Gradul de înrudire.3 realizările şi perspectivele xvi. Ingineria genetică.1 povara genetică în societatea umană.139.2 Medicamentele sub controlul.3 Genoterapia şi perspectivele xvii. Aspectele sociale ale ingineriei.1 Cutia pandorei sau consecinţele imprevizibile ale ingineriei 148.2 Clonarea.3 Controlul genetic la om: pro.4 Ereditatea patologică şi evident, pentru nimeni nu prezintă greutate să deosebească mărul de pară, grâul de secară, oaia de capră, lupul. Este bine cunoscut şi faptul că reprezentanţii lumii vegetale şi animale, de-a lungul unui şir infinit de generaţii, dau viaţă unor descendenţi, care sunt după chipul şi asemănarea lor: leoaica naşte pui de leu, pisica - pui de pisică, câinele - pui de câine. Tot odată, din seminţe de floarea-soarelui vor răsări numai plante de floarea-soarelui, iar din ghindă - numai arbori de stejar. În mod obişnuit aceste fenomene sunt legate de ereditate. Prin noţiunea de ereditate se înţelege capacitatea organismelor vii de a transmite caracterele şi însuşirile lor descendenţilor. Se ştie, însă, că asemănările dintre părinţi şi descendenţi nu sunt absolute - chiar şi în cazurile când se spune «leit taică-său» sau «leit maică-sa».

g schema cgt xiii. Ingineria genetică.1 Hibrizi neobişnuiţi: obţinerea animalelor alofene.116.2 O turmă în retortă: transplantarea embrionilor.118.3 Descendenţă copiată: clonarea animalelor.120.4 Animale xiv. Fondul genetic.1 Rolul organismelor vii în natură şi în economia 125.2 Banca de gene.3 Fondul genetic al xvi. Ingineria genică.

Teoria cromozomială.1 dieren Cromozomii, genele.2 Mutaţiile ca sursă de alele.3 Mutaţiile. Bazele moleculare ale.1 Acizii.2 Mecanismul de replicare.3 Codul.4 Mecanismul de reparaţie a defectelor din. Determinismul genetic.1 de ce sunt necesare două.2 Mecanismele biologice de determinare.3 Mecanismul cromozomial de determinare.4 Determinarea sexului.5 Obţinerea sexului. Genetica.1 Variabilitatea genetică şi moştenirea caracterelor la.2 Ereditatea grupelor sanguine şi a factorului rezus (Rh).49.3 Metodele de studiere a eredităţii vii. Genetica.1 Ereditatea patologică.2 Eugenica.3 Consultaţiile viii. Determinismul ereditar.1 Gerontologia.2 teoriile genetice ale.3 Perspectivele. Realizările şi perspectivele.1 Genetica.1.1 Hibridarea ca metodă de obţinere a soiurilor noi.68.1.2 Rolul poliploidiei în ameliorarea.1.3 Mutageneza.2 Genetica.2.1 Fenomenul heterozisului.2.2 reânvierea speciilor.2.3 Banca.3 Genetica.3.1 Genotipul şi mediul.3.2 Talentul. Genetica.4.1 Omul fietsen ca fiinţă.4.2. Factorii ereditari.4.3. Ingineria.1 Structura.2 Direcţiile principale ale ingineriei.3 Separarea şi sinteza artificială a genelor.93.4 Clonarea.

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Dashboard Article page, what is Flight Dashboard? Get the latest updates: News analysis. Research key players: Companies information, expand your network: Schedules data, get an overview of the world fleet. Nicolae popa, cuprins: Din partea. Din istoria concepţiilor despre. Legile.1 Descoperirea.2 Experienţele lui. Mendel afvallen şi formularea legilor. 15.3 bazele citologice ale iii.

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The ext hierarchy is reserved for extensions (see ml ). Ml lists releases by working codename and release name. Successor to ml#v1.91 was code-named sdo-venkman, and eventually became ml#v1.92 you can therefore see candidate draft release notes in the git repository at docs/ml This documentation concerns the software codebase rather than schema. However do note that labels, comments, and documentation should use us english (in the code and schemas if a choice between English variants is needed. Please aim for international English wherever possible.

g schema cgt

You can then make test builds of schema. Org running on your own machine accessible as http localhost:8080/ or else post them on m for collaboration. See the Appengine documentation for details. More information about the software is also available in software_ see also notes in the wiki: All schemas and examples are in data/ in utf-8 engels encoded files. The main schemas file is data/schema. Rdfa (utf-8) While developing schemas, using can be useful. The format is based on W3c rdfs in html/rdfa format, see ml The examples are stored in data/examples.

Txt (utf-8) and other *.txt files. As with schemas, data examples. Txt will also be read. It can be useful to develop using separate files. When vocabulary is finally integrated into the main repository, schema data will be merged into schema. However examples will stay in separate files, as this works better with git's file comparison machinery. The data/releases/ hierarchy is reserved for release snapshots (see https schema.

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PRs please do not undertake any substantial development work without agreeing it with the project team here first. All Pull Requests should reference specific issues that they're fixes or solutions for. This lets the schema. Org community discuss problems and topics without it being tied too closely to a specific (and easily outdated) proposed fix. Please note that some changes are much easier to make than others: the wording/phrasing in definitions is relatively easy to amend, whereas the exact spelling of a type or property person 'startDate' etc.) is much more disruptive to change. There are many other projects developing schemas and ontologies for the web,.

Wikidata or the vocabulary projects in the linked Data community. Many of these projects go into more expressive detail than is possible for a project like schema. Org manageable, we have a strong bias towards designs that are grounded in large scale usage on the web, in particular usage by data-consuming applications since these in turn motivate data publishers. Other schema initiatives have different priorities and make different tradeoffs. See more on "How we work" For most collaborators, all you need to know about the software is how to run. Essentially you will need to have the python version of google App Engine sdk running on the platform of your choice.

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Suggestions for improvements bloeddruk are always welcome here - please search for older discussions (including closed issues) before opening a new issue. We particularly value improvements to existing definitions, examples and text, to clarify how schema. Org vocabulary is used in practice. Please don't be honing surprised or offended if you raise an issue proposing new schemas and it is marked by the project team as " noted " then closed. We have 100s of issues discussing possible improvements, and to keep things manageable we adopt the convention of noting then closing issues that are not likely to be immediately explored. Org improvements have been proposed via github's ". Pull request " mechanism (see also our list.

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Org, and our collection of schemas has been growing gradually since our launch in 2011. We try to prioritize simple fixes and improvements to our existing schemas, examples and documentation over the addition of new vocabulary, and we are most likely to add new schemas when there is evidence that some large-scale consuming application will make use of the data. Org does not attempt to capture the full detail of Web content; it is necessarily a simplification of a more complex reality. This means that there will be many cases where adding more detail to Schema. Org will look possible. However, in the interests of keeping Schema. Org simple and usable for publishers and webmasters, we will often choose not to add such detail. Org uses Web standards such as json-ld, microdata and rdfa to allow for independent extension (for example, see, gS1's vocabulary ).

Issue #1 will link to per-release entry points, or else navigate issues via label or milestone within Github. Every change to the site comes via discussions here. Substantive changes are recorded in our release notes. A preview of the draft new release notes can be found as part of the test site for our next release. Every month or so, after final review by the Schema. Org Steering Group, we make a formal release. Regarding cc and opensource licenses rusland for documents and software, see our. We are always interested in practical suggestions for improvements to schema.

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This is the Schema. It contains all the schemas, examples and software used to publish schema. For the site itself, please see. Issues and proposals are managed here by participants of the. If you are interested to participate please join the group at the, w3c, introduce yourself and find or file issues boeken here that engage your interest. If you are new to git and GitHub, there's a useful introduction to github in the W3c wiki. Issue #1 in Github is an entry point for release planning. It should provide an overview of upcoming work, in terms of broad themes, specific issues and release milestones. With every release, we change the default Github branch to match the code name for the release.

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